When it comes to eating sushi, I consider myself a pro. I’ve enjoyed the lure of raw fish from all corners of the globe, from Vancouver, Los Angeles, Vegas and Frankfurt .. to Seattle, Tokyo, and Beijing.

I hail from the dark, very wet coast of Canada, the sushi capital of Canada, also known as Vancouver. In this fine city we’re blessed with an over-abundance of eateries offering all-you-can-eat sushi at prices that are probably the best on the planet. I have yet to find another city where the all you can eat sushi offers can beat the affordability index here in Vancouver. Thank goodness!

We owe our good fortune to our close proximity to a fabulous supply of fresh fish from our glacial waterways where salmon spawn by the millions, and our plentiful ocean, where salt water fish and other delicacies sally forth to our awaiting plates and open chop-sticks!

I was first introduced to the fine art of sushi eating in 1981, on a visit to my cousin who was studying at UC-Irvine. He took me to a local sushi house in Newport Beach, and pardon the cliche, it was love at first sight! Let’s say I’ve been a die-hard fan of sushi ever since!

Given that sushi is my preferred source of food, and is a personal weekly requirement, I take great pleasure is fleshing out the local all-you-can east sushi joints. Given my more than ample appetite, I wonder if restaurant owners cringe when they see me walk through the door chomping at the bit to get down to work. In this website my goal is to share my finds with you, dear reader, so you can be best prepared to find the prime all-you-can eat sushi deals and sushi joints. “Arigatou” as they say in the fish dens of Tokyo … and happy sushi eatings!!