Supermarket sushi eating in Japan is exceptionally good value

Supermarket sushi in Japan is wonderful value

Supermarket sushi in Japan is wonderful value, and you can find it everywhere.

The Japanese are an exceptionally fortunate people. Their island is blessed with an abundant supply of seafood, and as any visitor will see, a visit to almost any Japanese supermarket will prove to be a gold find for the hard core sushi lover.

Supermarkets are easily found in all cities in Japan, although the one featured in this report was on the main street in Himeji (on the right side) as you walk from the train station to the city’s famous Hemeji Castle. The fish and sushi section of the market takes up a large portion of the floor space, and you will find all sorts of combo pre made sushi platters.

Kaiten Sushi eating in Osaka Dotonbori Japan

Dotonbori Osaka Japan

Dotonbori Osaka Japan is where you can find fantastic Kaiten Sushi houses offering superb sushi at very reasonable prices.

Dotonbori is one of the largest outdoor shopping complexes in Osaka, if not the brightest with busy streets festooned in neon making a night time visit a must-do for any visitor to the city.