Sushi Mura is our new Oakridge go-to sushi place in Vancouver

Henry Tenby of Sushi Buffets highly recommends Sushi Mura. Good food and great value!

If you live in Oakridge in Vancouver and find yourself craving for some affordable, yet excellent sushi, then head over to Sushi Mura at the little strip mall at Oak and West 49th.

This is a relatively small place and at dinner and lunch hour the line up spills out to the sidewalk. So be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes to be seated. But it is worth the wait! They tend to serve quickly, and people eat quickly, so it is an eat and go kind of place. But it represents excellent value for Vancouver sushi lovers.

Another fabulous sushi lunch at Sushi California in Vancouver

A very happy yours truly about to destroy the Salmon and Tuna combo at California Sushi on Broadway in Vancouver.

A sushi craving came on at lunch time so we could not resist the call of a quick sushi lunch at Sushi California on Broadway. It was only a ten minute wait to be seated, even though they were busy for their lunch-hour rush.

We gave ourselves a challenge to try ordering something different each time we go to Sushi California. With all the amazing looking plates of sushi being delivered to other tables, we realized that no matter what we ordered, we would not be upset with the final product.

Our new favourite sushi place in Vancouver

California Sushi in Vancouver

Our new fave Sushi house in Vancouver is California Sushi on broadway. It beats BC Sushi hands down in our books.

We’re always on the prowl for the best sushi here in Vancouver, and for some time our go to place was BC Sushi on Broadway. But we recently experienced a very mediocre performance on their late night sushi, so much so in fact, that we have been directing our sushi eating to new place in town, called California Sushi.

Jun Sushi all-you-can-eat Richmond needs work

Jun Sushi Japanese Restaurant
4940 Number 3 Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3A5
Tel (604) 279-0763

We recently had the opportunity to sample this smaller, family run all-you-can-eat sushi operation situated in central Richmond, in the little shopping mall north of Landsdown Mall. This same mall once hosted a much a larger all-you-can-eat sushi operation that has since gone belly up, and one would think this would have bode well for the smaller Jun Sushi.

SushiBuffets guy at Jun Sushi in Richmond

Kaneda Japanese $12.95 all-you-can-eat sushi lunch review

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant, 1418 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (visit date: JUNE 11, 2013)

Situated in the strip mall above the Mac’s Milk, this Vancouver-based all-you-can-eat sushi house has been in operation for a good number of years under a string of different names and managements. I decided to sample their lunch offering as it has been a number of years since I have eaten here under its current management and branding.

Sun Sushi 4512 West 10th Avenue $5.99 lunch special

I was up on West 10th today and at half twelve came about all peckish. Whilst I wasn’t skimming through ‘Rogue Herrys’ by Hugh Walpole, I did happen upon Sun Sushi, a local fish house. So I decided to curtail my hitherto activities, sallied forth, and infiltrated their place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some fishy comestibles. Being one who delights in all manifestations of the briny muse, I wasted no time in ordering their $5.99 sushi lunch special! at Sun Sushi 4512 West 10th Avenue

BC Sushi late night all you can sushi review (gone down hill)

BC Sushi, 2126 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (AMMENDED: July 25, 2015)

The report below was written in 2013, but sadly, the late night sushi at BC Sushi has gone down hill big time. The quality of the food is sub par and it was not enjoyable nor good value for money. Instead, we recommend you go to Sushi California on Broadway (1 block east of the Canada Line Station at Cambie). You will spend less money per person and the quality of the food is leaps and bounds better than BC Sushi late night. Sad news, but it is our duty to give you the best advice we can. Unfortunately the quality depicted in the photos below from 2013 is NOT the standard provided today.

Robson Sushi all you can eat sushi lunch review

Robson Sushi, 1542 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC (visit date: JAN 23, 2013)

SAD NEWS: This place is now closed. What a shame.

It has been a while since I had dined at Robson Sushi, and with fond memories of prior visits, a business meeting saw me treat a friend and fellow internet business associate to lunch partaking in their lunch menu.

Tomokazu late night sushi all you can eat review

Tomokazu / Ninkazu, 1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (visit date: JAN 19, 2013)

After a long period of avoiding this long established all you can eat sushi house due to poor value for money, I tried to give it another fighting chance. It was quite late in the evening and I was hungry, with a hankering for sushi to please the palate, so off I went to Tomokazu.

Their late night all you can east menu is priced at $13.95 ($15.62 including tax) and I arrived at 10 pm for a thirty minute eating session. The price includes a limit of two orders of sashimi per person, along with the usual basic staples you’ll find on most local all you can eat late night menus.