Another fabulous sushi lunch at Sushi California in Vancouver

A very happy yours truly about to destroy the Salmon and Tuna combo at California Sushi on Broadway in Vancouver.

A sushi craving came on at lunch time so we could not resist the call of a quick sushi lunch at Sushi California on Broadway. It was only a ten minute wait to be seated, even though they were busy for their lunch-hour rush.

We gave ourselves a challenge to try ordering something different each time we go to Sushi California. With all the amazing looking plates of sushi being delivered to other tables, we realized that no matter what we ordered, we would not be upset with the final product.

Two big thumbs up on the salmon and tuna sushi combo at Sushi California on Broadway in Vancouver.

This time I decided on the Salmon and Tuna sushi combo, and was comprised of two pieces of tuna sushi, two pieces of salmon sushi, a tuna roll, and a salmon roll. And it was beautifully presented. I was very happy with my order. It was delicious, and a very decent portion that nicely filled me up for my lunch.

The Double Spicy Tuna roll at California Sushi on Broadway was a major delish!

My partner in sushi crime IME ordered the Double Spicy Tuna roll, and that was an amazingly delicious hit, as she shared some with me. It had nice crunchy bits on top with shredded spicy tuna, not to mention the lovely spicy sushi in the inside.

We both loved our meal, which was served very quickly. And the final bill? $12.38 including tax for both dishes. What can I say. The food is amazingly good, service is pretty good, and the price is easy on the pocket book. Another excellent sushi experience at Sushi California on Broadway, here in the sushi capital of Canada … Vancouver! Until next time, Sayonara!



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