Our new favourite sushi place in Vancouver

California Sushi in Vancouver

Our new fave Sushi house in Vancouver is California Sushi on broadway. It beats BC Sushi hands down in our books.

We’re always on the prowl for the best sushi here in Vancouver, and for some time our go to place was BC Sushi on Broadway. But we recently experienced a very mediocre performance on their late night sushi, so much so in fact, that we have been directing our sushi eating to new place in town, called California Sushi.

California Sushi is actually not that new, but it is new to us. We literally stumbled into to it a few months back and there’s been no turning back. It is not an all you can eat house. But that is OK because the quality far and away exceeds BC Sushi, and the amount you end up paying for dinner for two is considerably less than what you’d end up paying at BC Sushi, so for us, California Sushi is a much better and more enjoyable deal than BC Sushi.

Spicy Tuna combo at California Sushi

Spicy Tuna combo at California Sushi is delicious. There is a very generous supply of sashimi, along with the spicy tuna roll and the smaller cucumber roll. Dipping the cucumber roll into the spicy saucer is too yummy!

We have partaken in the sushi platter for 4 for $30, and eaten at the restaurant, and for 2 people, it is a massive sushi feast. We could not eat it all and ended up bring the left overs back home, which fed us a nice lunch the day after. So the value is actually exceptional. You can have a very nice lunch selecting three a la carte items between two people and you will be full and satisfied, and the food is delicious. Their spicy tuna combo is a new favourite of mine. And the sushi pieces have huge pieces of fish draped over the rice. It is lovely. High quality, and nicely presented, and good service.

You can find California Sushi on Broadway just one block east of the Broadway Canada Line Station (south side of the street). Tell them the crew from Sushi Buffets sent you! And bon appetite!!

California Sushi on Broadway in Vancouver

California Sushi on Broadway in Vancouver is always busy whenever we have been there. But don’t worry, as the wait for a table has never been more than ten or fifteen minutes.



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