Jun Sushi all-you-can-eat Richmond needs work

Jun Sushi Japanese Restaurant
4940 Number 3 Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3A5
Tel (604) 279-0763

We recently had the opportunity to sample this smaller, family run all-you-can-eat sushi operation situated in central Richmond, in the little shopping mall north of Landsdown Mall. This same mall once hosted a much a larger all-you-can-eat sushi operation that has since gone belly up, and one would think this would have bode well for the smaller Jun Sushi.

SushiBuffets guy at Jun Sushi in Richmond

Like many all-you-can-eat sushi operations in Vancouver, this establishment is Chinese owned.There’s no rule that says an Englishman cannot cook nice French food, or a German cook cannot prepare good Italian cuisine. The trend here in Vancouver is that many of our famous all-you-can-eat sushi dens which employ non-Japanese cooks do in fact turn out wonderfully delicious sushi! However, in this case, one cannot be chastised for thinking this is a mainland China cafe masquerading as a Japanese sushi house. With marked room for improvement.

Rice heavy sushi rolls

We certainly do not intend to slash anyone down, and commend any restaurant for at least trying to offer an all-you-can-eat sushi menu. And Jun Sushi gets good marks for effort. However, our advice to the owner/cook would be to sample the offerings of the other competitors here in Vancouver, to see and taste what the competition is “serving up” .. pardon the pun.

Lunch at Jun Sushi is $11.99, which on the surface seems like a fair and reasonable price. To start with I ordered miso soup (which was fine), gomaeye spinach salad (which they did not have in stock) and the shrimp sunomono, which I feel bad having to report tasted like dish soap water. The sunamono was not edible to my palate. I suspect it is made with some type of mainland China ingredients that is certainly not Japanese, and the taste was not like anything we have ever sampled here in Vancouver.

When you get down to brass tacks, the sushi rolls, cones, and nigiri was far too rice heavy for our stomachs. After this meal we felt very sleepy and tired, as our bellies were busy digesting mounds of white rice. It was far too much. Other all-you-can-eat sushi dens here in Vancouver don’t pile on so much heavy rice to try and fill up their customers and maximize profits.

Which brings us to the 2 pieces of included sashimi (per person). If you examine the photo, you’ll notice that it is by no means an exaggeration that the pieces of sashimi were literally the size of an average dimensioned postage stamp. Personally, I would have much preferred to pay an extra dollar or two for my lunch, and received much less rice, more generous sashimi, and a better over-all sushi eating experience. With better tasting, fresher food.

For me the sushi was simply not delicious, and it did not leave an impression that it was a good meal, good value, and my after lunch thought was not one of looking forward to returning to this particular sushi den. So unfortunately this visit gets a 3 or 4 out of 10. There is lots of room for improvement, and I well and truly hope the owners can take this criticism constructively to improve their offerings and improve their business.

Yes, we did see other people ordering bento box lunches, and these actually looked a lot better then the sushi we were eating. So perhaps the customers not on the all-you-can-eat sushi plan receive a much higher quality of grub.

Let’s hope the folks at Jun Sushi in Richmond can improve themselves, which should not be too difficult a task. We wish them luck. And let’s hope for happier sushi eating next time.



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