Kaneda Japanese $12.95 all-you-can-eat sushi lunch review

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant, 1418 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (visit date: JUNE 11, 2013)

Situated in the strip mall above the Mac’s Milk, this Vancouver-based all-you-can-eat sushi house has been in operation for a good number of years under a string of different names and managements. I decided to sample their lunch offering as it has been a number of years since I have eaten here under its current management and branding.

Arriving at 1:00 pm, about half a dozen tables were occupied and we were seated without delay. Kaneda also offers an a la carte menu but we opted for the $12.95 all-you-can-eat lunch menu, which offers all the standard fare for rolls, cones, hot dishes etc that you’ll find at most such competing restaurants in the Vancouver area.

I was a bit put off in that the menu shown in their window on Broadway at street level indicated the tuna and salmon sashimi was included in the $12.95 lunch price. Only once we were seated and presented with the do-it-yourself order sheets was it evident that they only include three pieces of sashimi per person in the $12.95 price. This crucial information should be fairly indicated on their menu at street level, instead of being revealed once a potential customer is seated in the restaurant and ready to order. Very sneaky and poor manners on the part of management. Anyhow .. on with the meal report.

As is often the case with me, to start I ordered miso soup, the house green salad and a shrimp sunomono. The miso soup was tasty but tepid. I would have preferred it hotter. The green salad is the standard fare offered at all such restaurants. The shrimps were quite small in the sunomono salad.

It should be pointed out that the waitress was not very enthusiastic, and was not super attentive to our needs. We were seated in one of the cubicles in the southern wing of the restaurant. A better idea is to sit closer to the centre where you can more easily catch the attention of the waitress.

Next on the agenda was the california roll, dynamite roll, a spicy tuna roll (which I thought was very good and was one of their better offerings), and then the salmon cone, spicy salmon cone, spicy tuna cone, and tuna cone. The cones were a bit rice-heavy but I still enjoyed them.

The sushi came next which included salon and tuna sushi, tai and tako which were fine. The fish product was fresh and they were tasty. We also had the beef on a stick, seafood motoyaki, and the samma (BBQ mackerel which was was very delicious).

The sashimi pieces were very small. And this is a spoiler for me. I have to advise that the sashimi portions over at BC Sushi are much larger. Which brings us to closing conclusions on Kaneda.

For the price paid the meal overall represents good value, and it was a filling and tasty meal. That said, the service was uninspired, and the overall meal, ambience, service and food quality is still better over at BC Sushi.

If BC Sushi is full or you happen to be close to Kaneda, then they will provide you with a decent meal, just keep in mind the limitations I have detailed above. I would not say the meal was bad or poor value, but it would not be my first choice. With a small effort this restaurant could easily improve themselves up to the level of BC Sushi, which would be in their best interests. So until then, Kaneda is a second stand-by recommendation .. but not a top marks reco.



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