Tomokazu late night sushi all you can eat review

Tomokazu / Ninkazu, 1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (visit date: JAN 19, 2013)

After a long period of avoiding this long established all you can eat sushi house due to poor value for money, I tried to give it another fighting chance. It was quite late in the evening and I was hungry, with a hankering for sushi to please the palate, so off I went to Tomokazu.

Their late night all you can east menu is priced at $13.95 ($15.62 including tax) and I arrived at 10 pm for a thirty minute eating session. The price includes a limit of two orders of sashimi per person, along with the usual basic staples you’ll find on most local all you can eat late night menus.

First I need to report that the sizes of the sashimi pieces were very disappointingly small. Tomokazu is being very stingy. Over at BC Sushi the sashimi pieces are about two to three times the size of the embarrasingly tiny pieces served at Tomokazu.

My dinner included the following: 1 miso soup, 2 green salads, 1 goma-Ae, 1 salmon sashimi order, 1 tuna sashimi order, 4 salmon sushi, 2 tuna sushi, 2 tamago sushi, 1 hokkigai sushi, 1 tomo roll, 1 chopped scallop roll, 2 spicy tuna cones, 1 oyster motoyaki, 1 spicy seafood cone (imitation crab meat), and 1 beef teriyaki. As you can see from the photo it looks somewhat acceptable, but as always the case, the devil is in the details.

The service was pleasant and efficient, and the restaurant was fairly busy. But I have to report that the quality of the food was very mediocre. I would rate it at 5 out of 10, very uninspiring, and nowhere near as good as the competition, particularly BC Sushi. I would only recommend going to the Tomokazu late night as an effort of last resort. I was hoping they would have improved their late night sushi all you can eat food quality, but sadly this is not the case. Therefore, the status quo prevails .. And you can still do much better elsewhere.

Presented below is their menu.



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